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The Wisdom of Total Dedication
Date : 18th OCTOBER 2015 – 18th OCTOBER 2016
The Mystery Of This One Year
Isaac the son of Abraham was totally dedicated to God in a strange land, in the time of famine. This dedication was done when the famine was happening (Gen 26:1-6). Then Isaac obeyed God by dedicating one year to God….(Gen 26:12-14). Under one year he became great and waxed strong, till he was an envy. He did not reap the harvest of dedication the next year but that very same year…and according to Scripture we are brethren with Isaac (Gal 4:28) By Scripture we know that every unplanted seed cannot grow …(John 12:23-25).Your life is a seed, and naturally until it is planted, you should never expect any harvest...

Welcome to Holy Tabernacle  Redemption City

Holy Tabernacle Redemption City is a Humanitarian organization with the objective of spiritually, socially & economically empowering women, children, under-privileged and destitute to help them achieve a sense of equality and footing in the society irrespective of caste, creed, religion or socio-economic status. A parallel objective is to encourage a model lifestyle in and make good citizens out of the children and youth, in a society which is facing rapid moral degeneration.




SEPTEMBER- Covenant month of 'REFINERY'

Pastor's Desk Reads.....

Without holiness no one can see God, meaning you will not make Heaven. And holiness is not just only to make heaven but without it, your possession of glory to higher glory cannot be delivered.  

Obadiah 1:17 says until you are refine, you can’t be fine. The outcome of your future is determined by how you live your life. Holiness is what gives you access to the Mystery of the Kingdom. Whatever is not right is wrong. And whatever is wrong is sin. Until you leave sin, you cannot sing. Holiness is your gateway to abundance.


Wisdom Word


“If you are not pure, you will become poor”.