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  • JUNE 2016

    1. Singles Mocktail

    2. Bible Foundation Classes -Every Wednesday 5pm to 5:45 pm.

    3. We shall be fasting for seven days, from the 6th to the 12th of June 2016 for acceleration to        step into our Destiny for this year

    4. There shall be distribution of New mantles on the 12th of June 2016.     











The Wisdom of Total Dedication
Date : 18th OCTOBER 2015 – 18th OCTOBER 2016
The Mystery Of This One Year
Isaac the son of Abraham was totally dedicated to God in a strange land, in the time of famine. This dedication was done when the famine was happening (Gen 26:1-6). Then Isaac obeyed God by dedicating one year to God….(Gen 26:12-14). Under one year he became great and waxed strong, till he was an envy. He did not reap the harvest of dedication the next year but that very same year…and according to Scripture we are brethren with Isaac (Gal 4:28) By Scripture we know that every unplanted seed cannot grow …(John 12:23-25).Your life is a seed, and naturally until it is planted, you should never expect any harvest...

Welcome to Holy Tabernacle  Redemption City

Holy Tabernacle Redemption City is a Humanitarian organization with the objective of spiritually, socially & economically empowering women, children, under-privileged and destitute to help them achieve a sense of equality and footing in the society irrespective of caste, creed, religion or socio-economic status. A parallel objective is to encourage a model lifestyle in and make good citizens out of the children and youth, in a society which is facing rapid moral degeneration.






  Pastors Desk

The Bible says in your getting, get wisdom, and get understanding on how to apply that wisdom. It is one thing to know what to do, and it is wisdom to know how to apply it.

The seat of the most high is established by wisdom, the universe is hanging by wisdom, and God is the God of wisdom. He is called the only wise God. And if you are called God’s children, you can’t be a dull child. For the mind that created the world, is the same mind you are having. The Bible says, we have the mind of Christ. With divine wisdom you see solutions where others see problems.

May the many-sided wisdom of God work through you this month. (Prov. 2:11)   


 Whoever cannot increase you, will eventually decrease you.